Toneshare is a community for guitarists & bassists to find tones & presets for digital amps & pedal boards.

Why does Toneshare exist?

The modern guitar player relies on a range of guitar amplifiers, pedals and tools to find their sound unique. The guitar amplifer has traditionally been a large, expensive and loud part of that. Modern technology is starting to offer an alternative solution: digital ampliiers.

Digital amplifiers rely on modelling software to simulate analogue valve amplifers. From classic Marshall stacks to Fender tweeds, a digital amplifer can be akin to owing a range of amplifiers, which traditionally only sound great at loud volumes & take up a lot of room. So they're great for home use.

How does Toneshare come into this?

Digital amplifers allow the ability to export and import settings. These tend to be called patches or presets - we call them tones! Yamaha THR-II on a book shelf with a Fender Telecaster >

Manufacturers don't always the opportunity to support their product online. They need to invest in fostering a community. It's understandable; it's risky, costly and takes time.

In lieu of any official support, communities for these amplifiers have sprung up & forged their own way forward. These take shape in Facebook groups and forums. These groups are active, buzzing places where you can find presets and learn about the amp, they don't offer the best experience for new comers and need constant watching so you don't miss the latest tone.

This where Toneshare comes in. It's here to support these great communities by offering a way to centralise, rate & review tones. It also gives players the ability to make a name for themselves.

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